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Sylt (Germany)
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“Green Alliance” powered by Cultural Capital program

Nature and landscape organizations in Friesland combine forces for LWD2018 program

Leeuwarden – 12 Oct. 2014 | A winning bid-book for the Cultural Capital of Europe with so many components that pertain to ecology, nature, landscape, biodiversity, and the Wadden Sea calls for a response from the nature and landscape organizations of Friesland. Under the name “Green Alliance,” seven organizations have joined forces: It Fryske Gea, Landschapsbeheer Friesland, Staatsbosbeheer, IVN Noord, Friese Milieu Federatie, Waddenvereniging and Natuurmonumenten. These groups are committed to the LWD2018 program and will collaborate closely in the coming years. United, they form a powerful gateway for the organization of the Cultural Capital program, the city of Leeuwarden, the province of Friesland, and all other parties concerned. In turn, the Green Alliance sees the Cultural Capital program as an opportunity to connect and boost sustainable ambitions of the whole region.

During the initial meeting at the provinciehuis on Thursday, 25 September 2014, provincial representative Jannewietske de Vries praised these organizations in taking initiative and forming an alliance: “This is the energy we need to make LWD2018 a success. Engaged citizens and community organizations putting their backs into it, this is great.” Oeds Westerhof of LWD2018 agrees: “The approach of the Green Alliance is exactly what we’re looking for. Our goal is not just to celebrate a party in 2018, but to work together along the way and achieve results to be proud of – here in Friesland, in the Netherlands, and in Europe.”

An Extra Push

Henk de Vries, director of It Fryske Gea, handled the kickoff on behalf of the Green Alliance. Addressing a full house that included bid-book project leaders as well as a broad representation of the nature and culture fields and other community organizations, De Vries acknowledged the exciting new dynamic that the Cultural Capital program provides: “We want to take advantage of it. Not only to connect with the projects of the bid-book, but also to showcase our managed lands, share knowledge, inform and mobilize our members, engage the youth, link our national and European partners, and work together, all to give an extra push to the E for “Ecology” in the bid-book. We want to inspire, surprise, challenge, reach out to people, and get going.”

A successful LWD2018 program will produce results that align perfectly with the mission of the Green Alliance. In 2018, outcomes should include benefits not only to the community, but also to nature, biodiversity, the Wadden Sea, and our landscape. In the meantime, the Green Alliance has additional goals – including taking the lead in the Netherlands in realizing the creation of an ecological Natuurnetwork (formerly Ecologische Hoofdstructuur), and coupling it with a tourism infrastructure for boating, cycling and hiking that highlights attractive destinations. The Green Alliance is aiming for 10% more biodiversity in Friesland, but also aspires to lead Europe in a push for more eco-friendly yet profitable agriculture. The alliance wants not only to conserve the Wadden Sea area, but to restore it and make fisheries more sustainable. Finally, the Green Alliance intends that Friesland still be the most beautiful province of the Netherlands in 2018 – by focusing on a well-balanced landscape, on strong links between urban and rural areas, and on engaging people with their surroundings.

Coordinating the Collaboration

To organize projects, ideas, policies, and finances within the Green Alliance, two collaboration coordinators have been appointed. Filling these roles are Froukje Hernamdt, who was until recently county representative of Littenseradiel and is now project manager at the Friese Milieu Federatie, and Kees Terwisscha van Scheltinga, communications consultant and project developer with Landschapsbeheer Friesland and others. These two are the point men acting on behalf of the partners that make up the Green Alliance. As coordinators within the alliance, it is their task to identify similar goals and encourage and shape collaboration – ultimately creating a synergy in which the whole is greater than the sum of its individual components.

CIVILSCAPE welcomes the acitivtiues of Green Alliance which gathers nature and landscape organizations in Friesland in combining forces for LWD2018 programme. Already in November 2013 CIVILSCAPE Director, Dirk Gotzmann, visited Leeuwarden and received some closer insights of the on-going preparations fop the 2018. During a meeting in Bonn in the beginning of 2014, a Dutch delegation gave further information about this important project at the North Sea Coast. Around one third of the planned activties which were presented in the bidbook for the Eurpean Cultural Capital competition are related to landscape. It is stressing the importance of the landscape approach for the communities. When the press release arrived at CIVILSCAPE office no one wonders that our member organisation Landschapsbeheer Friesland is involved in these activities.


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