Istanbul (Turkey): view from the Galata Tower across the Golden Horn.
Sylt (Germany)
Córdoba (Spain): view of the Roman bridge across the river Guadalquivir.
Sylt (Germany)
Castle of Alaró (Mallorca, Spain)
Old bridge across the Guadalqivir river near Italica (Spain)
Sylt (Germany)
Roman amphitheatre in Italica near Sevilla (Spain)
Great Mezquita of Cordoba (Spain)

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Landscape Observatories
in Europe

First Uniscape "En route" International Seminar ended in Turino (IT)

Turino – 23 Sep. 2014 | After two days with four sessions the first "En Route" seminar ended with a round table discussion. Participants from several countries attended the meeting in Turino which was organized by UNISCAPE, RECEP-ENELC and CIVILSCAPE. The seminar was a follow up of the Carregi Seminar in Florence last year which has been also organized by the three European Landscape Networks. In the end the participants signed the 'Charter of Turino'.

CIVILSCAPE director Dirk Gotzmann was pleased by the variety of presentations which provided a good overview about the on-going activities of landscape observatories in several countries. The spectrum of the different presentations included best practice examples, experiences from different fields, but also recent research and scientific advise for the daily work.

The round table discussion at the end stressed the importance to improve the exchange of experiences, best practice examples and recent research in this field. The landscape observatories are key in the implementation of the European Landscape Convention and to ensure territorial participation.

Participants from several European countries and the neighbourhood have attended the seminar. Participants from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Portugal met each other to receive the different presentations and to contribute to a fruitful discussion. Even from the Lebanon Maria Gabriella Trovato from a project partner of the MedScapes project held a presentation and informed the listeners about the intention to establish a Landscape Observatory in the East-Mediterranean region. In this way the project MedScapes itself has been presented to the audience, too. CIVILSCAPE is observer to this project - as we already have reported. For 2015 the project partners have discussed the idea to organize the second East-Mediterranean Landscape Forum which could be the final conference of the MedScape project where the outcomes and results could be presented.

While the Careggi Seminar in Florence offered a first glimpse on the wide field of different landscape observatories in Europe. The actual seminar tried to add some aspects in a systematic way to a holistic view on landscape oberservatories. In the end the participants signed the 'Charter of Turino' which ask the Committee of Ministers at the Council of Europe for a conference to foster the exchange of best practice and experiences in order to support the establishment of landscape observatories. This reflects the actual needs of a growing community of stakeholders and takes also account of the fruitful discussion during the conference.


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