Istanbul (Turkey): view from the Galata Tower across the Golden Horn.
Sylt (Germany)
Córdoba (Spain): view of the Roman bridge across the river Guadalquivir.
Sylt (Germany)
Castle of Alaró (Mallorca, Spain)
Old bridge across the Guadalqivir river near Italica (Spain)
Sylt (Germany)
Roman amphitheatre in Italica near Sevilla (Spain)
Great Mezquita of Cordoba (Spain)

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  • 20.04.2016

    Tasting the Landscape

    The 53° IFLA World Congress will be held in Turin, Italy, from 20 to 22 April 2016, organized by the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (AIAPP) which is a founding member of CIVILSCAPE. | Learn more...

  • 29.09.2015

    General Assembly 2015

    The Board has decided on occasion of the their meeting on 28 April 2015 to postpone the General Assembly in Plsen on 17 May 2015. Instead the next General Assembly will be held in Barcelona between 10:00 - 14:00 CET on 29 September 2015. | Learn more...

  • 23.09.2015

    Facing Global Change through Landscape

    The fourth CHeriScape conference will look outwards towards the major environmental and social changes currently seen to be operating at global level, and at how spatial planning and sustainable and economic development strategies can interact with these through the lens of landscape. We will look at how far-reaching an impact these global changes have on both landscape and heritage, but also at how landscape as heritage offers ways to address those challenges. The conference will examine how demographic change, changing aspirations and identities, and lifestyle choices contribute to the global challenges, and therefore how (as the SPB on landscape, and both the Florence and Faro Conventions claim) they can offer answers to those challenges as well as calling for protection against them. The idea of landscape as heritage resonates with the need to give new life to cultural landscapes by finding them new functions and values, ideas central as well to the sustainability of heritage. Landscape as heritage becomes a solution. | Learn more...

  • 17.09.2015

    Transforming cities, transformative cities

    Cities are dynamic places, where change is the result of both the innovation which inherently stems from the openness of cities and direct interventions. At the same time cities are involved in bringing about broader social, political, economic and environmental transformation. What happens in the cities has consequences in terms of global change. While cities themselves are constantly transforming, a debate over the contribution of urban areas to the transformation of societies, economies and political systems is on-going. The post-socialist cities are, from this point of view, a particularly important locus of transformation and an interesting case study on the transformative power of cities. | Learn more...

  • 11.09.2015

    Baltic Landscape Forum 2015

    The Baltic Landscape Forum will focus on the change processes of our marine and coastal landscapes around the Baltic Sea. Our coastal and marine landscapes are a shared resource and a shared responsibility where different values meet, i.e. cultural, ecological, aesthetic, social and economic. The European Landscape Convention (ELC) is an instrument for ensuring a richer life environment, where landscape diversity is managed sustainably. In this context the sometimes different perceptions of local people, visitors and tourists are a key how these landscapes can be used in a sustainable way. In this way the Baltic Landscape Forum will be a important stakeholder event for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention on local and regional level. | Learn more...

  • 07.09.2015

    Seascape ecology - connecting land, sea and society

    Seascape ecology is the application of landscape ecology to the marine and coastal environment. This conference will focus on the emerging shift towards linking both sides of the coastal margin, and how this can help to restore habitat connectivity and protect coastal and marine systems from environmental degradation. Seascape at Tyningham on the John Muir Trail | Learn more...

  • 13.07.2015

    International multidisciplinary workshop around the wooden church

    During a period of two weeks’ time, the Romanian Landscape Architects Association (AsoP) and REcult Association will organize at Crivina de Sus (Timiș county, Romania) a series of multidisciplinary activities during a workshop which will focus on the oldest wooden church in Banat (1678) which we want to restorate, situated in what is known as the Făget area, a complex and rich zone which preserves an important cultural material and immaterial heritage, among which the wooden churches are the most renowned. | Learn more...

  • 25.06.2015

    National Landscape Forum 2015

    On the 21st June 1995 the National Landscape Forum first convened in response to a civil society call for a National Landscape Policy. The forums convened regularly until 2005 to inform and drive the national agenda with regard to sustainable landscape management. In March 2002 Ireland signed and ratified one of the most integrated Council of Europe conventions – The European Landscape Convention (ELC) Florence 2000. Whilst initially official, Ireland had a limited understanding of the convention, changes to our planning and development legislation has in recent years suggests a growing recognition of its importance culminating in the arrival this year of a National Landscape Strategy (NLS) (visit or use search engine for easier access to both the strategy and submissions received in response to public consultation – a welcome step towards more open governance). The strategy document outlines many important actions and a 10 year timeframe! | Learn more...

  • 10.06.2015

    Oerol Seminar Sence of Place 2015

    At June 10 and 11, the third Oerol seminar on cultural landscape development will be held, this year under the name ‘Sense of Place III: Realising the impossible, art in public landscape’. | Learn more...

  • 09.06.2015

    The Landscape Observatory and the Department for Territory and Sustainability take stock of ten years of landscape policies in Catalonia

    The public event "Where are routed landscape policies?" also coincides with the 15th anniversary of the European Landscape Convention.
    The year 2015 celebrates a triple anniversary: ​​fifteen years of the European Landscape Convention, the tenth anniversary of the Act for protection, management and planning of the landscape as well as due to the creation of the Landscape Observatory. To take stock of this period and consider the future, the Observatory and the Department of Territory and Sustainability organized a public event on 9 June under the title "Where are routed landscape policies? ". | Learn more...

  • 03.06.2015

    Defining Landscape Democracy

    Constitutional ideals of democracy, human rights, equality and freedom have a tangible landscape dimension. Democracy is rooted in free debate in public spaces – landscape is the spatial materialisation of democracy. At this time of global environmental and economic challenges driving increasing social tensions, there is urgent need for sustained discussion and debate about the role of landscape in society and for relevant knowledge and insights that address and tackle complex situations. | Learn more...

  • 26.05.2015

    Marinescape Forum Piraeus

    The Mediterranean Basin is one of the world’s largest semi-enclosed seas with an extensive coastline, spreading across three continents. For millennia, the Mediterranean Sea has been a major crossroad and has been providing its peoples with food, livelihood and well-being. Nowadays, the Mediterranean community faces a number of challenges like urban and tourism growth in coastal areas, rising sectoral competition amongst shipping and maritime transport, offshore energy development and mismanagement of fisheries and aquaculture, to name a few. These, often, unsustainable human activities threaten the impressive variety of landscapes and seascapes, lead to the over-exploitation of resources, the loss of cultural and biological diversity and compromise the present and future quality of life of its inhabitants. | Learn more...

  • 22.05.2015

    The role of food and food culture for a sustainable landscape heritage

    A joint project between Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and management. Swedens Univeristy of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp and Culinary Arts & Meal Science, Grythyttan, Örebro University, funded by Swedish National Heritage Board (RAÄ). | Learn more...

  • 14.05.2015

    Central European Landscape Forum 2015

    PEOPLE – EMOTIONS – LANDSCAPE – SOLUTIONS is an international event reflecting a process towards the formation of sustainable societies living along national borders. The frontier is often a sensitive place. Perceived as a barrier, the border is only a perceived barrier in our minds. Any limits we may perceive are imposed upon human beings by fellow human beings. Being aware that we share the same water flowing down the mountains, breathing the same air around us, we, as Europeans, should feel as free as the birds flying across the landscape. The European Capital of Culture Pilsen 2015 has triggered an opportunity to sit around the table and to set a new course for discussing the development of the communities whilst placing the border to one side to create a landscape without the barriers. What should matter to everyone is the quality of life in the landscape we all share and the healing potential of the landscape. This should be the future we really want. The invitation to this conference is to everyone for whom such a notion is close to their heart and embedded in their spirit. Those who are thinking beyond constitutional limits and wish to become a part of a free, proactive and creative society. | Learn more...

  • 04.05.2015

    Work Camp restoration of wooden windows

    EXPEDITIO in cooperation with CHwB (Cultural Heritage without Borders) invites all interested to apply for participation in the restoration camp of wooden windows which will be held in Kotor, in the period 04 - 06 May 2015. | Learn more...

  • 14.04.2015

    Candidacy of Priorat to become a UNESCO heritage site, tourism management of cultural landscapes

    The cultural landscape of agricultural Priorat opts to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The values ​​of this exceptional mosaic landscape narrate the relationship between people and their environment for thousands of years in a well-defined, which exemplifies a understanding between territory and complex agriculture has molded slowly. | Learn more...

  • 10.04.2015

    The landscape as a common good
    © Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya

    The landscape as a common good

    The idea of the common asset reappears today with more strength than ever and its reappearance cannot be separated from the increasingly widespread desire to try out new forms of governing places or from the ever growing vindication for a new culture of the territory. | Learn more...

  • 11.03.2015

    Historic landscapes in Lower Saxony

    The landscapes in Lower Saxony are most beautiful and valued where these are characterised by historic elements. Since a long time the protection of such landscapes is part of the Federal Nature Conservation Law in Germany. But very recently this is wider recognised, for example in the European Landscape Convention. Actually the Government of Lower Saxony is developing a nature conservation strategy and a landscape programme. For the management and planning of our historic landscapes this chance must be taken. | Learn more...

  • 12.02.2015

    Towards improving Scotland's marine environment through spatial planning

    Scottish Environment LINK would like to invite you to participate in the forthcoming event: 'How can marine spatial planning lead to a thriving natural marine environment in Scotland?'
    This event will take place in the Conference Room at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Arboretum Place, Edinburgh. EH3 5NZ) on Thursday 12th February 2015 from 2pm – 6pm, followed by an informal reception and networking (until approximately 8pm). | Learn more...

  • 29.01.2015

    Regional cooperation on energy and maritime spatial planning in the North Sea

    An economic heavyweight and the most densely used maritime and coastal space in Europe, the North Sea holds the highest potential in Europe for the development of offshore wind energy. | Learn more...

  • 13.11.2014

    Alpine Landscape Forum 2014

    Landscape mirrors the society that has determined and transformed it along the years and it contains the elements of our individual and social identity. The on-going implementation of the European Landscape Convention in the cross-border region between Italy and Switzerland will surely have a positive impact on the overall life quality of the inhabitants. One important aspect of life quality could be easily measured by the citizens participation on all relevant landscape issues. In this process citizens will also contribute to consolidate the European political and cultural identity. The up-coming EU Strategy for the Alpine Region will be a key process. | Learn more...

  • 07.11.2014

    Iberian Landscape Forum 2014

    The European Landscape Convention (ELC) is considerably well implemented in Spain and Portugal, but this process has been mainly a top-down process like other European policies. We consider that still, public participation processes need to be reinforced. The Forum is organized as a travel through scales: from the bi-national and frontier experiences, through regional, metropolitan and local scales.
    The aim of the Iberian Landscape Forum is to present the different experiences that have been taking place in the last five years in Spain and Portugal regarding the engagement of citizens regarding landscape. | Learn more...

  • 11.10.2014

    General Assembly 2014

    The 2014 General Assembly will be held in Marstrand, Sweden. This was decided during the 2013 General Assembly in Lelystad. The main issue will be the election of the president, vice-president, treasurer and board. The Advisory Board members will elected in 2015 by the General Assembly delegates. | Learn more...

  • 09.10.2014

    North Sea Food Association
    1st General Assembly

    The North Sea Food Association has been founded in November 2013 in Leeuwarden. North Sea Commision Culture and Tourism Group gathered for a 2-day meeting in Leeuwarden on 21-22 November 2013. The regions around the North Sea which are forming the working group have started a joint intiative called North≈Sea≈Food which intends to bundle the different activities in culture and tourism. | Learn more...

  • 09.10.2014

    Scandinavian Landscape Forum 2014

    Along the shoreline of the North Sea sea food has played since centuries an eminent role in creating a certain culture and identity. Even today while the coastal economy is far from being solely depended on these resources, the fishery still is very present imagination of the local people, but also of the tourists which visit this coast line in an increasing number.
    The Scandinavian Landscape Forum will focus on the change processes of our marine and coastal landscapes. In this context the sometimes different perceptions of local people, visitors and tourists are a key how these landscapes can be used in a sustainable way. In this way the Scandinavian Landscape Forum will be a important stakeholder event for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention on local and regional level, but also for the proposed European Cultural Route North Sea Food which will use the landscape approach as key, too. | Learn more...

  • 29.09.2014

    East-Mediterranean Landscape Forum 2014

    The first East-Mediterrannean Landscape Forum will take place on 29 September 2014 in Ankara, Turkey. It will be organized in collaboration between CIVISCAPE and our Turkish member organisation Peyzaj Araştırmaları Derneğ / Landscape Research Society. The one-day workshop will be held just the day before the Council of Europe Workshop on the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention. | Learn more...

  • 22.09.2014

    Landscape Observatories in Europe

    For the European Landscape Convention (ELC), "landscape observatories, centers and institutes” are crucial instruments in the development and implementation of landscape policies. They form a strong incentive to collect and exchange information, to raise awareness, and to offer a platform for public participation and training in landscape matters, which is relevant at the level of local communities and regions as much as for states. | Learn more...

  • 08.09.2014

    PECSRL 2014
    Unraveling the Logics of Landscape

    The leading topic for the 26th conference is: "Unraveling the Logics of Landscape". Despite conceptual oscillations through times, the concept of landscape remains highly subjective, whereupon unraveling its 'logics' opens up to a plurality of interpretations. Accordingly, by focusing on the interconnections present in the non-haphazard production of landscape, the conference will elaborate on how the rural landscape is valued, monitored, changed, harbored, used and misused, be it through actions, representations or metaphors. We hope to see you in Sweden to take part and share convictions, doubts and ideas on how to best unravel the complex logics of landscape. | Learn more...

  • 30.05.2014

    TownScapes Forum
    Berlin 2014

    Urban areas seen as a landscape and the urban change are the focus issues of this three-days event from 30 May to 1 June in Berlin. The bund Heimat und Umwelt (BHU) and CIVILSCAPE invites you to explorer the urban landscapes and experience the urban change which town and urban areas are facing all over Europe. Demograhic change, public spaces, participation, migration, gentrification are some of the issues whihc will be presented and discussed with experst from Germany and other European countries. | Learn more...

  • 16.05.2014

    MarineScape Forum Bremen

    Coastal cultural landscapes in Europe are unique living spaces for humans, animals and plants. However, the proximity to the sea is not only linked to ecomical advantages, but also to devastating effects of natural hazards. Often the cultivation of these areas requires great efforts. Coastal landscapes are therefore notably shaped and affected by steady anthropogenic action. | Learn more...

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